About Us

For the first time ever, the bar has been raised beyond the traditional work of Tiffany, Waterford & Baccarat.

We had the vision to redefine the industry and fashion the most luxurious, high-end designs ever created globally for the most discerning clientele throughout the world. Our PATENT” designs are made exclusively from a single GEM with a grading scale equal to diamonds (cut, color, and clarity). Each piece presents its’ own signature of internal inclusions and fractures that took millions of years to form.

   These spectacular treasures express a dramatic provenance reminiscent of Hollywood’s Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone as archeologists risk their lives to unearth and extract these exquisite gems from the deepest regions within the earth. From there, each piece is fashioned by hand to perfect symmetry from the world’s most gifted artisans, which is an incredibly painstaking process. Opulent Luxuries is the ONLY company internationally presenting these incredibly rare and exquisite PATENT creations.

From a wine glass crafted from a single amethyst gem to breathtaking landscapes comprised of illuminated clusters of gemstone, we have the ability to furnish virtually any design imaginable! 

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